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Confession time – we aren’t sales people. We are a family owned and operated small business who’s focussed on doing a great job every time. We’ve been in solar for years, we have solar on our home, and we guarantee the work we do with a 10 year installation workmanship warranty.

Contact us; we can provide you with insight to help you decide if solar is right for you.


Step 1


When we get your address we can view your roof as a static satellite image. This allows us to come up with a solar system proposal that is tailored to your property and geared for top performance. Don't worry, the quote is totally obligation free.

Step 2


By sharing your power bill with us (or just the key data sets we need) we will be able to show you projected savings, and return on investment. (This isn't mandatory, we recommend it however as it'll arm you with data to help make an informed decision.)

Step 3


If you have an old switchboard it may need an upgrade to ensure it's solar compatibility, and general safety. The simplest way to check is just to send us a photo. If it does need to be done, we can include this into the quote so you get the total picture.

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