Do you

subcontract out

installation component?


No. Never. 

We are a small family-run business that handles the quote, installation & servicing ourselves. 

This means you get more accountability & peace of mind. 

While it can be common practice for a solar retailer to use subcontractors for the installation, we do not operate like that. This means at times, we may not be as “competitive” on price, but we believe in delivering personal service is more valuable. 

Are there any

additional costs

to be aware of?


In our email & proposal to you,  we outline what is not included for your installation. In summary, these are: 

• Your electricity wholesaler / retailer charge a “solar connection fee“.  This one off fee is charged by your electricity wholesaler (Ausnet, United Energy etc) to your electricity retailer (AGL, Lumo etc).  It typically ranges from $40 – $90 and will appear on your electricity bill once completed. 

Switchboard upgrade: Not many households need one, but we can tell upfront if yours does if you email us a photo of your switchboard.