Getting Solar Put

On YourHome

  • Saving on your power bill
  • Making a better choice for the environment
  • Utilising the incentives offered by the Government

Getting solar put on your home is a hugely attractive prospect. And, it can be a sound investment with fabulous long-term benefits – providing solar is right for you and your home.

It’s vital to consider things like how much electricity you currently use, when you use it, what type of roof you have, and how much sunlight it gets. Understanding this, together with what kind of return you could potentially get on your investment, can be a bit tricky. We are here to demystify and make the whole thing a lot easier.


The Process


Let's Talk

Getting started is as easy as getting in touch. We can talk about what you want to achieve, and what solution will best fit your home.

Quote & Design

We provide you with a clear quote which includes our proposed design. We will also step you through the process so you know what to expect.


We'll turn up on time to install your new solar system. Following installation, we take you through how it works & important safety info.

Complete Docs

There is a bit of paperwork to complete to finalise the operation of the system but don't worry, we have streamlined this process.